Have you ever desired to be served, seen, and to indulge in more than one?
Join us for an evening of delight, hedonism and pure sensual pleasure!

Who We Are


Grand Finale of the Babylonian Rites Event!!

Friday June 28th
6pm to 10pm
Four hour event!

This is the FINAL time we will be hosting the Babylonian Rites event! This will be the 6 year anniversary of the Rites and our energy is shifting to different things. Thank you to all of the clients and Vestal Virgins who have made this event deliciously naughty, sacred and hedonistic for all these years! This has been a truly beautiful chapter in the lives of Elizabeth, Megen and Sophia.

Have you ever desired to be served, seen, and to indulge in more than one?
Join us for an evening of delight, hedonism and pure sensual pleasure!

We begin at 6pm, greeting you warmly and inviting you into our private space. After a gracious hour of meeting and teasing, we descend into sacred perversity....

$450 per Divine Man


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General Timeline for the Evening

6-7pm: Social hour, eating, drinking, dancing, chatting, tarot card reading
7pm: Opening Ceremony - Creating sacred space to invite the primal
7-9pm: Sacred Hedonism - All out playtime
9-10pm: Closing the circle, bathing, wind-down, snuggle time


This location is in the Berkeley Hills, in the same location as last time.

How Many Men? How Many Women?

There will be 3 sensual nymphs in service - Sophia, Elizabeth and Megen. Our smallest Rites have hosted 6 men, our largest have hosted 12 men.

Additional Priestesses will be there to entertain in more innocent ways, we call them our Vestal Virgins. More information on our Vestal Virgins below!

Who You Are

A gentleman by day, hedonist by night! You have possibly engaged in group sexuality before and enjoyed it immensely. Or maybe you have not had this experience yet, but have always wanted to. Now is your chance to release your primal in an open environment, supported by the divine feminine.

Imagine... your every sense activated, your desires fufilled and your erotic energy fully welcomed in our sacred temple of carnal pleasures.

Allow us to entertain as many of you at once as we possibly can! We ensure that all will be satisfied, many times over. We are mistresses of the art of erotic touch and intimacy. There will be several nymphs waiting to entertain you in every way imaginable.

Vestal Virgins

Additional Priestesses:
In addition to Sophia, Elizabeth and Megen, there will be a host of Vestal Virgins to delight, entertain and serve you in more innocent ways... including:

  • Serving Refreshments
  • Hand, Foot and Face Massages
  • Tantric Guidance
  • Sensual Dance
  • Tarot Reading
  • And more...

Ladies - Sign Up Today!
If you are interested in being a Vestal Virgin for this event, please contact us today!

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up is Easy!
In order to create a safe space for everyone, there is a short screening process.
Please send an email to answering the following questions:

  • Provide at least one verifiable provider reference. Send a link to her ad and to speed up the process, ask her if she will verify you. If you do not have verifiable references, send us an email with all the other questions answered and we'll see if we can collaborate to find a solution that feels safe for all of us.
  • Are you comfortable in a setting of group sexuality and/or is this a new experience for you?
  • What would you hope to experience by being part of this event?
  • New clients will also need to pay a $200 deposit in order to sign up.

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