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"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls." – Anais Nin

I have become something of a spiritual traveler these days. My favorite destination spot right now is India. I spent a month in South India in January of this year and was moved by the dense spirituality there. Especially in Tamil Nadu where the gods are said to be the most powerful. There are more intact ancient temples there than in any other Indian state.

I've also had a long love affair with both Latin America and South-East Asia. In the case of Latin America, I love the spirituality of the indeginous peoples there, and have sat ceremony with shamans in Peru. The variation of culture in Latin America is so profound, and the people are so warm. I have so far visited Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Peru.

As for South-East Asia, I spent one month in Bangkok in 2014, largely on my own. I was amazed by Thailand. I have always been drawn to the Eastern religions, so to be in a country that is comprised of 95% Buddhists was an incredible experience for me. I spent a lot of time at the temples, praying, meditating, and making offerings. My mind and spirit felt so clear there, even while being in the center of such a large and complex city. I also spent quite a bit of time in Bangkok's red light districts. I found the women to be resilient and genuinely kind and warm.

Travel in general has been one of the most important parts of my life for the last ten years or so, and I'm hoping that I am able to continue to travel for a long time to come. I love all the ways that travel enriches my soul and makes me a stronger, more depthful and more compassionate person.

Photos taken at Thanjavur Palace and Museum, Tamil Nadu, India. 2016.