Journey to Your Higher Wisdom

If you've sessioned with me at all you probably know that I love working with plant medicine! I find that these medicines create a tangible connection to spirit and that when connected so strongly to spirit we are better able to hear the wisdom of our higher selves. Ego desolves and questions become more simple; answers are easier to hear.


Rate: $1000

This includes:
  • The plant medicine
  • House / location rental
  • One hour preparation coaching session leading up to the journey
  • Soul healing / Reiki work
  • One hour coaching session approximately one week after the journey

Note: This is an overnight experience but we will sleep separately


I have found the perfect spot in the Santa Cruz mountains. I've journeyed there multiple times and the energy is pure and clean. There are two beautiful bedrooms so that each person can sleep comfortably after the journey is over. It is secluded but not too far from civilization. There are redwood trees growing out of the deck and a hot tub surrounded by lush plants and fairy lights. It's a magical and peaceful place which I would love to share with you.

Setting it Up

Please contact me via email or text to schedule a phone consultation.