I'm Sophia Amelia - your loving, delicious, radiant companion.

I should warn you: I will love you. You will feel loved. I may even tell you that I love you. My heart will be open to you. Our time together is an opportunity to dive deeply with the knowledge that we are both safe, that we are held in the perfect container of the session. We are able to explore completely in the moment, to be present to each other and to intimacy. This is a gift to be enjoyed. Once our moment is complete, we will part ways feeling refreshed and rejuvinated, healed by our shared connection.

For me, being a practitioner of the sensual healing arts is a joy and a pleasure. I consider this work to be my spiritual calling and it is a deeply healing work - healing for you and for me. Deep down, we all crave connection. And when it's mixed with a bit of wild abandon - even better!

I have studied religions and philosophies for most of my adult life, being especially drawn to philosophical systems that are all-inclusive and involve journeying inward to find the answers for our lives.

Allow me to invite you into my spaceā€¦ I always stay at upscale hotels or private residences and keep my space clean and fresh for each of my visitors. Candles are burning, music is playing (likely bossa nova or jazz), there is a faint aroma of incense in the air.

An altar has been built to call in the god and goddess in each of us, creating space for our spirits to expand into blissful and hedonistic pleasures. The pleasures of our bodies and the pleasures of our inventive, creative, playful minds. Touching, the sensation of skin on skin, desire and anticipation - all swirling in a maelstrom of fiery passion.

Photos taken in Bangkok, Thailand. 2014.