Are you ready to be ushered into even deeper levels of healing and transformation? If so then it's time to begin the intake process to work with us in service of your healing. These sessions can include Divine Union, Sacred Kink and Sex Magic Ritual, but don't necessarily need to include all of these.

More about Tala Navarro + Sophia Amelia

There is an intake / application process to complete in order to book this powerful healing session. Contact us today to get the process started!

Divine Union

The Divine Union experience with Tala and Sophia will have you feel like you're coming home, welcomed into your palace, entering the temple. Our energies intertwine in deep honoring of the divine that lives within each of us. You might be the king coming home to your palace and greeted by your queens, the priest coming home to your priestesses or the devotee paying homage to your goddesses.

Sacred Kink

Sacred Kink can include many things! We can go into deep exploration of your inner landscape, finding what desires lie hidden. Tala is more dominant and Sophia tends more toward submission but she also enjoys providing sensual domination. Tala and Sophia also love exploring each other's kinks and are happy to do that while you watch. They also love it when you join in in ways that have been deliciously negotiated beforehand!

Sex Magick Ritual

Are you curious about Sex Magick? Is there something you'd like to transform or shift in your life? All rituals are custom tailored to each individual. This is the most powerful way to manifest the life you want! This experience includes the heightened power of two priestesses to call on the cosmos to aid in the materialization of your desires, using sexual energy to manifest exactly what you're looking for.


$1000 - 1 hour
$1500 - 90 min
$2000 - 2 hours