Discover the Sweetness of Deep Intimate Connection

I'm offering a free and very small 2 hour workshop to complete my requirements for the Sarasa Tantra Neotantra Group Facilitator Training. This workshop is capped at 6 participants.

Created for You + Your Community!

You + I will set the date together! This is a workshop led by me and hosted by you for your community.

In this workshop we will explore how to increase intimacy and connection through the teachings of Neotantra. We will be using sound, breath, movement and intention to move, shift and enliven our energy bodies.

In this workshop:

  • Learn how to increase pleasure through touch
  • Deepen connection, intimacy and love with your partner
  • Communicate authentically and express healthy boundaries
  • Explore how to create natural ecstasy through the senses

This workshop will involve discussion, solo & shared exercises, direct experience and the magic of mystery.

The space will be safe, sacred and is open to both singles and couples. Note: There is no nudity or explicit sexuality in this workshop.


This is a free workshop!

What to bring

Wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel luscious and bring a notebook and pen (if you wish to take notes).

Facilitator: Alisa Sophia

Alisa has been working in the realm of sacred sexuality and sexual healing for ten years and has been a certified intimacy and relationship coach for six years. She offers cuddle sessions, divine union (which she describes as "that deep soul love making"), sacred kink, sex magick ritual and guided medicine journeys with psilocybin mushrooms. To add to these offerings she is now receiving training in Neotantra and Reiki.